June 18, 2015

Jordanian Circassians want to mobilise Circassians across the world

Members of the Jordanian Circassian Tribal Council yesterday revealed an initiative to mobilise Circassians across the world to demand Russia to recognise what they call a genocide against their ancestors, most of whom were killed or expelled from their homeland in the North Caucasus during the war in the Caucasus between 1763 and 1864.

Council members told the Anadolu Agency in the Jordanian capital, Amman: "Circassians in Jordan enjoy full citizenship rights since their displacement from the Caucasus in 1878, but the displacement and genocide they suffered prompted them to demand a formal apology from Russia."

Head of the Jordanian Circassian political movement, Ishaq Mola, pointed out that Circassian activists have contacted Circassians in 43 countries around the world to consult them about the idea and they received positive feedback.

Mola, a retired army general and the kingdom's former ambassador to Oman, said the initiative aims to obtain full recognition and a formal apology from Russia for all the pain and suffering Circassians endured during the Tsarist and Soviet eras.

Mola denied claims that the initiative is supported by Western countries that are hostile to Russia, saying: "Such claims aim to weaken our position. We have learnt from our past experiences, our unity is the only path to achieve our legitimate demands."

Nearly 200,000 Circassians live in Jordan, according to unofficial figures.

Circassians who mainly live in Amman and Zarqa, 30 kilometres east of the capital, came to Jordan in 1878 following their displacement by Tsarist Russia.

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