June 22, 2015

Kabardino-Balkaria resident reports detention of his son after search

Power agents drove away to some unknown place Akhmed Abazov, a resident of the village of Dugulubgei, said his father Edward. Akhmed is a brother of Murat Abazov, who perished in 2013 in an explosion of the village mosque.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that Murat Abazov perished on October 18, 2013, at a bomb explosion in the yard of the mosque in Dugulubgei. According to the police, Abazov and Murat Tishkov, who was also killed by the explosion, were carrying the bomb and were going to commit a terror act.

Today, law enforcers in masks conducted a search of the house of Eduard Abazov, a resident of the village of Dugulubgei in the Baksan District. None of those who made the search introduced himself, said Abazov.

The home owner is confident that the ammunition, allegedly found by power agents in his house, had been planted.

After the search, Akhmed Abazov, 22, was taken away in a car without number plates to some unknown place, said his father. According to Abazov, "two days ago," he was invited to the investigating bodies, where he was presented an ultimatum.

"They told me: 'Either we close the criminal case against your son or transfer it to the court'," said Abazov.

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