July 29, 2015

Resident of Derbent urges rights defenders to help in searching for his son

An application asking to help in searching for her missing son was submitted to the Human Rights Centre (HRC) "Memorial" by Gyulya Karakhanova, a resident of Derbent. The police claim that Magomed Karakhanov could be linked to the militant, killed in the Tabasaran District.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported referring to Karakhanova that her 20-year-old son Magomed was kidnapped on May 6. The guy suffers from asthma and is a Category 2 invalid. She negates any investigators' version that her son could be linked with militants.

On July 24, Karakhanova submitted her application to the HRC "Memorial" asking to help her in searching for her son Magomed (Magomedrasul according to his passport), said a source from the HRC.

Law enforcers are not searching for Magomed, asserting that his sudden disappearance had to do with his departure to join militants, Gyulya Karakhanova wrote in her application. This may be due to the fact that on the same day Tazhedin Balakerimov, a distant relative of her family also disappeared.

On May 11, Karakhanova was told that bodies of blown up people, supposedly, members of the armed underground, had been brought to the hospital. She identified Balakerimov among the dead bodies.

On July 21, Karakhanova talked with an employee of the criminal search division of Derbent. He showed her a photo of a dead man, who was killed in the Tabasaran District, treating him as a member of the armed underground. He said that, on the assumption of power agents, her son was together with the killed man, said Karakhanova.

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