July 23, 2015

Student from Nalchik and his mother perish in terror act in Turkey

21.07.2015 - Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria

According to unconfirmed data, Nartan Kylych, a graduate of the State University of Kabardino-Balkaria, was killed by the suicide bombing, committed in the Turkish city of Suruch, located on the border with Syria. His mother was killed with him, users of social networks report.

The death of Nartan Kylych at the terror act on July 20 in Suruch was confirmed by the Facebook users Aslan Schakue, Fatima Tlisova and Olga Efendieva-Begret. They also circulated a photo, depicting Nartan holding the Circassian flag in front of a monument to victims of the Caucasian War in Nalchik.

"His mother was also lost; his sister is wounded..." Aslan Schakue wrote, adding that several other compatriots were on that day at the place of the terror act.

Olga Efendieva-Begret wrote that Nartan's sister is also studying in Nalchik. At the moment of the explosion she was near him, but survived. "The girl is now in Turkey; she stood a bit further; and it saved her," Olga wrote.

The terror act in the tea cafe of Suruch, where a camp of Syrian refugees is located, was committed in the afternoon on July 20, killing 31 and wounding over a hundred persons. According to law enforcement bodies of Turkey, it was committed by a suicide bomber, the RIA "Novosti" reports.

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