August 17, 2015

North-Ossetian authorities decide to liquidate "Ossetia TV"

The liquidation decision has to do with the absence of budget funds for the development of the TV channel, said Soslan Dzansolov, the chairman of the Republic's Committee for Information Technologies and Mass Communications.

According to his story, a special commission will be set up on the basis of the government's resolution to manage the liquidation within the terms as stipulated by the law. The commission will also decide the fate of 35 employees of the "Ossetia TV".

"The very idea of the national television was to run the broadcast in full, and surely by means of a satellite, so that our citizens, people of Russia and other countries who have attitude to North Ossetia or interested in our republic could also watch it. It's quite a huge amount of work that needs a huge amount of money," the portal "15th Region" quoted Soslan Dzansolov on August 14.

He said that the channel "will be closed until better times, which may bring funds for its development", the "News of Vladikavkaz" reports.

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