November 22, 2015

In Sochi erected a monument of the Russian czar who carried out the genocide of the Circassians

In the city of Sochi which was the historical capital of Circassia built a monument of the Russian Tsar Alexander II, which in his period was implemented the Circassian genocide. On November 21, the City of Sochi celebrated the so-called Day of the city. On this day they opened the monument of Alexander II officially and ceremonially.

The construction of the monument and the opening day was not known and only few days ago there was publications about this event. 

Circassian organizations and activists from around the Caucasus and around the world have expressed their opposition to the monument in Sochi. 

The Circassian Research Institute in Munich, Germany, issued a statement which likened placing of the monument of Alexander II in Sochi to place a monument of Hitler in Jerusalem. 

Head of the movement "Adyghe Khakuj - Circassia" from the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria Abobakir Mirzakanov strongly condemned the construction of the monument.

Head of the Maykop city public organization "Adyghe Khase - Circassian Council" Zaurbi Chundishko and member of the executive committee Arambi Hapai, head of Adyghe Khse of the city of Krasnodar Asker Soht and head of the Black Sea Circassians Majid Chachuh also expressed their opposition to the monument in Sochi.

Alexander II was born in 1818. Becomes Tsar of Russia in 1855. The Circassian genocide was planned even before the coming to power of Alexander II, but he was the Tsar who implemented the plan in fully. This Tsar was killed in 1881 by a bomb dropped on him in the city of St Petersburg.

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