January 30, 2016

Pyatigorsk schools closed for quarantine until end of January

In Pyatigorsk, all secondary schools have cancelled classes for the period of January 26-31 because of the threat of the spread of influenza. As of January 25, 13.9% of school children were affected by decease.
On January 25, the Pyatigorsk administration made a decision to announce quarantine, after it summarized the recent monitoring of the incidence of SARS and influenza in schools.
According to the City Department of Education, on Friday (January 22), 9.8% of school children were affected by the incidence of SARS and influenza. However, on Monday (January 25), the figure reached 13.9%, the "Urban Telegraph" reports.
The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that since the beginning of the year, in the Stavropol Territory, six persons died as a result of complications from the flu, and two other persons died before the New Year. This was reported by the Regional Ministry of Health.
As of January 25, in the Astrakhan Region, during the month of January, 122 people were diagnosed with swine flu, and in 52 cases, the diagnosis was confirmed by laboratory analysis, reports Natalia Nikeshina, the chief of the epidemic control of the regional department of the "Rospotrebnadzor" (Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights).
By January 25, in Adygea, the death toll from the influenza virus reached 11 persons, and in the Rostov Region eight persons. As of January 21, in the Volgograd Region, 11 persons fell victim to the swine flu.

Source: http://eng.kavkaz-uzel.ru/articles/34399/
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