March 26, 2016

Krasnodar farmers intend to go to Vladimir Putin in their tractors

About 100 farmers of nine districts of the Krasnodar Territory have announced their intention to hold a tractor ride to Moscow to file an appeal to President Vladimir Putin. The farmers want to use their action to draw attention to numerous raider takeovers of land plots and violations of their rights. According to the farmers, their attempts to address the local authorities and the law enforcement bodies have not been succeeded.
On March 28, the tractor ride is to start from Ust-Labinsk, and on March 29, farmers from the Caucasian, Novopokrovskiy, and Tbilisi Districts plan to join the action, the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told by members of the initiative group of the farmers' association.
According to Oleg Petrov, a farmer from the Caucasus District, a member of the initiative group for the action of protest, for many years, entrepreneurs in all districts of the Krasnodar Territory suffer from raider takeovers of farmland.
Oleg Petrov says that it was despair which made the farmers to hold the action of protest. About hundreds of farmers plan to take part in the action; however, the organizers found that difficult to mention the exact number of participants expected.
According to Alexei Volchenko, the head of a peasant farm in the Kalinin District, he and other 100 farmers of the Cossack village of Starovelichkovskaya are not allowed to use the land plots leased from the state. The public land in the Cossack village of Starovelichkovskaya, which forms the road to the farmers' land plots, was registered as property of a large agricultural company. As a result, the farmers were not let to get to their land plots, and the harvest was lost in the fields.
Author: Anna GritsevichSource: CK correspondent

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