April 20, 2016

Interview (2) with the Circassian activist Aslan Beshto

Aslan Beshto - Jinal Tamszuqo

Jinal Tamszuqo: We heard that a new association shall be established. What is the reason for this?

Aslan Beshto:  Yes, we decided to found a new interregional circassian organization. The reason: The only organization which is real fighting for the rights of the Circassians could be closed down in Circassia. The problems of the Circassians in principle speaks out loudly only the organization “Adyge Xase”. In the case of closing down the organization, despite the temporary backtrack of the authorities of the republic, the new organization should be ready to fill the vacuum, which then will occur. With the help of the Circassians from other regions it would support the activities of the national movement. In the case, that the “Adyge Xase” further will exist, the new organization will coordinate the actions of the Circassians in other regions on behalf of developing our culture and our youth movement. These are our plans in the given moment.

Jinal Tamszuqo: what shall be the name for it?

Aslan Beshto:  We have not yet decided. This have to decide the representatives from the regions during a founding congress, which will take place in Circassia within one month. This organization will work for the people, and the people have the right to give a name to it.

Jinal Tamszuqo: What is the target of this assoziation?

Aslan Beshto:  The main target will be to help those people, who have problems to get in touch with the authorities to defend the national rights of the Circassians, to coordinate the activities of Circassians from other regions of Russia. Our opinion is, that we have an urgend need for such an organization already for a long time, the founding would be an appropriate answer to the challenges, which the Circassians are confronted by.

Jinal Tamszuqo: I thank you very much for this new interview.

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