April 6, 2016

Japanese scientists study the similarities of Circassian and Japanese folk music

In Republic of Adygeya arrived scientists from Japan, who are interested in Circassian (Adygeyan) folk musical instruments. Together with the specialists of the republic they are trying to compare the Circassian national musical instruments, with the musical instrument of the "Ainu", who, like the Circassians live in mountainous areas.

On April 5, professors Chica Rangiku and Itsudzi Rangiku from the state of Hokkaido Sapporo University visited Adygeya State University. During the meeting with the rector Rashid Hunagov guests said they represent Research Center ethnic Ainu (indigenous people of Hokkaido) at Hokkaido University.

"It was a question of mutual scientific interest to the problems of preserving the cultural heritage of small nations, as well as opportunities to work together with the Centre of adygeyan Institute for complex problems. 

The parties expressed their willingness to cooperate, which can be long-lasting and interesting from the point of view of international cooperation between universities of Adygeya, and Hokkaido ", - reported the press service of the Adygeya State University.

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