July 22, 2016

Circassian Organization reports on deaths of 8 Circassians during events in Turkey

8 members of the Circassian Diaspora in Turkey were killed in clashes between pro-government forces and military coup organizers when units of the Turkish army made an attempt to capture the power in the country.
The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that at night of July 16, the Turkish military made an attempt of an armed coup. As a result, according to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), 290 people were killed.
The Association of Circassian organizations in Istanbul has condemned the actions of the Turkish military and reported on the deaths of the members of the Diaspora.
"Hostile elements, taken roots in the Turkish national army, have made an attempt of a military coup, which failed because of the united actions of the people. We, the association of Circassians in Istanbul, condemn all the organizers of the coup and the people, who facilitated the attempt of the coup. We are proud to declare that we are fully on the side of the Turkish government, its Parliament, and democracy. We also condole the deaths of our compatriots, including Tletseruk Erol Olchok, his son Abdulla Olchok, Cuneyt Bursa, Harat Gölbaşı Ufuk Baisan, brothers Okan and Gökhan Esen Byda, Omer Djan Achykgёz Sinop, and Zafer Taner Koyundju Lipsdje, who died on that tragic day, and we wish them the grace of Allah," announces the official website of the Association.

Source: http://www.eng.kavkaz-uzel.eu/articles/36312/
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