October 16, 2019

A Statement of the Circassians of Jordan on the Occasion of the Founding of the Republic of Adygea

As we share our brethren in the Republic of Adygea their joy while they are commemorating the founding of the republic that we consider so dear to us, we will not forget those early founders, who adopted the current model of Circassian flag on the 23rd of March, 1992. That was despite the great and numerous challenges they faced. It is the original form of the flag that the Adygha people have used in the nineteenth century when they defended their Circassian homeland against the invasion of the Tsarist Russian Empire.

The flag consists of a green field with twelve golden stars, nine of which form an arc and the other three are placed in a horizontal form, with there is three crossed arrows. The flag’s green color symoolizes the color of the ground of the spring of the homeland. The twelve stars represent the Adygha tribes, while emphasizing that they are exactly equal as a symbol of equality and unity. The three arrows symbolize a peaceful people who do not believe in violence; but to defend themselves.

As we mark this commemoration with our brothers, we seek mercy for our ancestors who have sacrificed their lives while defending the homeland, and we affirm that the Republic of Adygea was and will remain an integral part of Circassia, the historical homeland of the Circassians.

Long Live Free Circassia

12 October 2019

Jordan Association of Caucasus Circassian Friends


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