November 21, 2019

Gennady Dolgov: I dream to see the flag of Adygea on each of the three peaks

photo: adygvoice

One of the strongest climbers of Republic of Adygea Gennady Dolgov takes part in an expedition to one of the most beautiful mountains of the Himalayas - Ama Dablam (6856 meters).

The expedition is part of the Everest 2021 international program.

Ama Dablam is the first of three challenging peaks that program participants plan to climb. In 2020, climbers are preparing to climb Manasla (8163 m) and in 2021m - to Everest (8848 m).

- I dream to see the flag of my small homeland - Adygea, on each of the three peaks! - says Gennady Dolgov.

In September, he chosen through the qualifying stage and together with other four Russian climbers, went to Nepal on October 25.

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