September 18, 2015

Four Russian parties protest against election outcomes in Sochi

16 September, it became known that Sochi activists of four parties – the CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation), the LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia), "Homeland" and "Yabloko" – signed a resolution recognizing the outcomes of the elections to the City Council of Sochi, held on September 13, invalid. According to the parties, the election outcomes "fail to reflect the true will of the citizens," the "Interfax-South" reports.

The parties also announced creation of a public reception office, where residents will be able to report about violations during the voting.

Yuri Dzaganiya, a candidate from the CPRF, made a proposal to disband and then form anew the election commissions to hold a new election, the edition named "Sochi Objective" reports.

"Great frauds took place during the early voting and voting at home, where the voting took place under the old voters' lists where even deceased persons were listed. All this discredits the electoral system and democratic pillars of the state. Law enforcement bodies should conduct a check of the voting process, identify those responsible, and bring them to justice," said the communist.

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