September 21, 2015

In Republic of Adygeya students reviving ancient Circassian gardens

Scientists of Adygeya, students and teachers of Maykop university began work on the creation of Eco-park "Circassian gardens."

The Park near the tract "large field" should be cultural and educational tourist center of Adygeya. The work will start in the beginning of the summer at the 30-kilometer of the road Maykop - Gozeripl.

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Yuriy Sukhorukov initiator of the development and the creation of seed banks in Adygeya, already examined the site selected for planting and plant gene pool of old Circassian apple and pear varieties.

In addition to the apple and pear trees in the Circassian garden will grow the most promising varieties of sweet chestnut and hazel.

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