November 17, 2015

Meeting in Cherkessk states attempts to destabilize situation in the region

Participants of the meeting in Cherkessk criticized the organizers of the Congress of the Karachay people, saying about the attempts to destabilize the situation in the region. The meeting was attended by about 700 activists of public organizations, and heads and deputies of municipalities, the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent reports.
The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that the public organization "Union of Karachay Youth", supported by members of several other organizations, announced the holding of the Congress of Karachay People on November 13 in Cherkessk. Delegates to the Congress were going to criticize the current republic's authorities and discuss the socio-economic development of territories. The organizers of the congress reported an attempt of the authorities to disrupt the event. Supporters of the authorities declared the illegitimacy of the Congress of Karachay People. Opponents to the congress tried to disrupt it, said the organizers, but the event took place.
The above meeting of activists of public organizations, heads and deputies of all levels of municipal formations, where Karachays compactly live, took place on the same day, November 13, in the Drama Theatre of Cherkessk.
Suleiman Botashov, Deputy Chairman of the Karachay-Circassian public organization "Karachay Alan Halk", read out an appeal to the Karachay people.
The appeal, in particular, says that the initiators of the Congress of Karachay People have no right to represent the people's interests, since their organization either have been liquidated, or are in the process of liquidation.

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