March 13, 2016

Ancient pears discovered in Republic of Adygeya

In the course of archaeological expeditions, scientists from Saint-Petersburg discovered ancient Circassian varieties of pears in the Maykop region, Republic of Adygeya, Russian Federation. The estimated age of pears is about 5,000 years. 

Some time ago, the scientists dug up a pit filled with dried pears, and only this year the expert examination has confirmed their authenticity and age. The size of the pears is 2-3 cm in diameter. Experts suggest the ancient people dried the fruit out on purpose to consume them as sweets. 

This discovery has contributed to the archaeologists’ conclusion that the climate and vegetation in the area of Adygea over the past years have not changed much. Ancient Circassian gardens are one of the main attractions for tourists in Adygea. The locals believe that a variety of their pears - Circassian bergamot - should become a symbol of their republic.

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