November 23, 2016

Circassian "Ochag" issues calendars to raise funds for returnees

The public organization named "Ochag" (Hearth) in Kabardino-Balkaria started selling Circassian calendars for 2017. All the proceeds will go to the creation of the Adaptation Centre of repatriates, and to help compatriots.
The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that the "Ochag" has already held a similar action in 2016. Then, activists managed to collect 251,000 roubles, which help to improve living conditions of a few Circassian families, and to purchase a land plot for one of the returnees. The compatriots came to their historic homeland from Syria, where in the course of the armed conflict, settlements of Circassians were bombed out.
The cover of the calendar depicts a boy in a traveller's clothing, standing at the background of beautiful scenery. The calendar marks important events of the Circassian history, said Yali Cat, a female activist of the movement "Help Compatriots from Syria".
The calendar was designed by Iyad Siyukh, a repatriate, who worked in Syria as a designer for an advertising company.
In total, the "Ochag" issued a thousand calendars; thus, its activists expect to raise 350,000 roubles. Apart from funding the above Adaptation Centre, some of the money will be spent to help the repatriates, who took part in creating the calendar.
Let us remind you that the public organization "Ochag" was created in 2015 to help Syrian refugees. Its activities are funded by voluntary donations.

Author: Lyudmila MaratovaSource: CK correspondent

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