November 28, 2016

In Nalchik, 50 children of Syrian repatriates take part in festive event

Activists of the public movement "Help to Compatriots from Syria" have organized a festive event, which involved children of repatriates of 2-10 years old. This was reported by the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.
On November 20, the festive event took place at the "Sham" Café in Chernyshevsky Street. It involved children of repatriates living in Nalchik and nearby towns, as well as in the city of Tyrnauz and the village of Nizhnyaya Zhemtala of the Cherek District.
Mukhamed Kanoko, an owner of the "Sham" Cafe, told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent that when he had learned of the event he decided to support the initiative by offering to hold the celebration at his place. Mukhamed Kanoko himself was born in the Circassian village of Khanasir in the province of Aleppo in Syria. He arrived in the republic five years ago.
Two children of Mukhamed Kanoko himself, eight and ten years old, also came to the event. When asked whether his children identify themselves as Syrians or Adygs, Mukhamed Kanoko replied: "Of course, they perceive themselves as Adygs."
The festive event was announced on the Facebook page of the movement "Help to Compatriots from Syria". Compassionate residents of Nalchik have transferred money for holding of the holiday.
Author: Lyudmila MaratovaSource: CK correspondent

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