November 24, 2018

Authorities wants to deprive the Russian citizenship of Circassian-repatriate Moamer Koblev

An appeal of a Circassian repatriate from Turkey, a resident of Sochi, Muamer Koblev, will be considered in the Krasnodar Regional Court on December 6 at 12.10. He filed an appeal in connection with the disagreement with the decision of the Central District Court of Sochi on depriving him of his Russian citizenship.

As the Circassian activist, the respected Elder Ruslan Gvashev, explained in his page in Facebook that Muamer Koblev was officially accused of being allegedly registered 20 years ago and living in another place. In fact, I am sure Gvashev said, Koblev was convicted of his friendship with me and in general “for his civic position on many issues relating to the Circassians.”

Koblev is married to a local Circassian, has three children, also reports Ruslan Gvashev. And then he sums up: “I hope he will not be alone at the trial.”

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