May 1, 2016

In Kabardino-Balkaria Republic will be held paragliding sport festival

From 1 to 10 of May, in the Chegem Gorge in Kabardino-Balkaria Republic will be held an international festival "Paradrom Chegem" reports RIA "Kabardino-Balkaria".

On May 2 in Paradrome Chegem will host the opening test of the festival paragliding equipment with seminars and lectures for pilots and paragliding sports instructors ", - said chairman of the Federation of CBD ultralight aviation Marat Mushkaev.

He also noted that expected to arrive more than 200 participants from different cities of the Russian Federation.

"Athletes will be accommodated in tents at the campsite, which is located right here, in the clearing Tuguz", - said M. Mushkaev.

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