March 14, 2019

In Cherkessk established "Coordination Council of the Circassian activists"

The Coordination Council of the Circassian activists was established on March 9 in Cherkessk, the capital of Karachaevo-Circassia Republic. As the Circassian activist Nauruz Aguey reports from the scene, the created organization will work to preserve and strengthen the status of the Circassian republics, seek recognition of the Circassian genocide in Russia and the adoption of a single ex-ethnonym "Circassian". In addition, as the most important tasks, the coordinating council identified for itself the work on “improving the status of the Circassian language in schools” and “improving the conditions of repatriation for the Circassian diaspora”.

According to a joint statement by the public figures made in Cherkessk, the creation of a coordinating council was a reaction to the “substantial deterioration” of the national policy in the Russian Federation: “the Circassian people are divided into several subjects, the authorities of these entities do not consider complex national issues, the national organizations are very ineffective in their actions ".

The council of representatives of the Circassian public will “work out a national strategic course, consolidate Circassian public organizations, increase the effectiveness of the national organization in the information space, political and economic spheres, as well as jointly counter modern challenges and strengthen protective mechanisms.”

Also, participants of the meeting spoke in defense of the Circassian repatriate Muammer Koblev, whom the law enforcement agencies of the Krasnodar Territory are trying to deprive of citizenship and the unreasonable persecution of the Circassian repatriate Tariq Topchu.
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