July 7, 2019

In Adygea opened an exhibition of "The Sacred Cauldron of the Narts"

At the beginning of July in the city of Maykop, the capital of the Republic of Adygea, an exhibition of "The Sacred Cauldron of the Narts" opened. This exhibition was opened to commemorate the return of a 2,500 year old of cauldron to Maykop. This ancient cauldron, weighing about 300 kg, was found in excavations in the Circassian village of Olap in Adygea in 1982. The cauldron was then taken to Moscow and exhibited in one of the city's museums for 37 years.

In the Circassian legends, "The Stories of the Narts" is often mentioned in a large cauldron used by the Narts.

The cauldron is displayed at the North Caucasus branch of the State Museum of Oriental Art in Maykop.

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