December 20, 2015

Demonstration of Circassian activists in front of the Russian Embassy in Istanbul

Circassian activists held a demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in Istanbul in order to express their rejection of the practices of the Russian authorities against the Circassian activists in the Republic of Adygeya (North Caucasus).

The demonstrators called on the Russian authorities to release the Circassian activist Adnan Khuade and his daughter Dana Khuade and the seller in their store Sayida Borsa.

On December 16 the court of Maykop (capitol of Adygeya) have a decision to prison for 15 days Adnan Khuade, Dana Khuade and Sayida Borsa for what's called administrative irregularities in the shop of Khuade's family.

Note that Adnan Khuade is one of the Circassian activists who sent request letters to several European countries in order to recognize the Circassian genocide perpetrated by the Russian state in the 19 century.


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